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CyCan Industries
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Custom Formulas

Work with the CyCan team to develop a custom formula.

Custom Packaging

CyCan can customize a sensational package to place your product a step above the rest.
Quality Aerosols products

Quality Aerosols Product Line

Quality Aerosols offers a complete line of quality aerosol adhesives, cleaners and many other products.
Quality Aerosols products

Small to Large Distributor Quality

A product line developed to supply the Quality Aerosols distributor with quality choices in aerosol adhesives, cleaners and many other products.

CyCan Industries, Where Quality & Service are Number 1!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an aerosol canister?

    A canister is a large aerosol system requiring a spray gun and hose to deliver the contents from the canister. The spray gun allows you to adjust the width of the spray pattern in order to cover large or small areas.
  • Does CyCan formulate and blend their products?

    Yes, CyCan has a vast library of formulas ranging from liquid hand soap to high temperature, high strength contact adhesives available for private label. Our name is not important to your customers, your name is!
  • What type of contract packaging services do you offer?

    CyCan packages chemicals in aerosol, liquid or cylinder delivery systems. We can use your formula or ours. We can use your raw materials or ours to produce whatever you may need.
  • What type of equipment does CyCan have to provide these services?

    CyCan has automated filling and gassing lines for aerosol, liquid and our cylinder delivery system. Our equipment ensures precise filling and gassing each and every time.
  • Would any discussions be held in confidence?

    Absolutely! We at CyCan greatly respects the privacy of preliminary discussions and through out the steps required to create, develop and maintain a sound business relationship.


  • CyCan did an excellent job packaging our products for us. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the entire team there.

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